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Giving the Iraq War Its Proper Perspective

Dispite her many statments and votes in support of the Iraq war just a few years ago, on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said “we never should have gone” to Iraq. This flip-flop should come as no surpirse, but it is evidence of political pandering at its worst. You see, since the start of the war in […]

Honoring Abraham Lincoln on His Birthday

In honor of our sixteenth president’s birthday, February 12, 1809, I thought I would share some inspirational quotes from this great man. All quotes are taken from David Herbert Donald’s book “Lincoln”, which I recently read. Lincoln on the BibleLincoln was not a member of any specific Christian church, though he often found comfort and […]

Why I Oppose Gambling/Lotteries?

Standing in shawdows of the thrid largest gambling destination in the US, Tunica, MS, I tackle today’s topic: why I oppose gambling? I could spend hours giving you anecdotal evidence of the negative consequences of gambling (stories of poverty sticken adults buying lottery tickets instead of family necessities or college students flunking out of school […]

Whose Money is it Anyway?

Exxon Mobil Corporation recently reported record profits of $39 billion (that’s $39,000 million). The following day, Hillary Clinton was quoted saying, “I want to take those profits and put them into an alternative energy fund.” (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,250060,00.html) This leads us to today’s topic: Whose money is it? From my perspective (in which I value hard work, […]

Taking Back the Minimum Wage Debate

Rush Limbaugh stated on his radio show recently that we Conservatives have lost the debate with the American people on the issue of rasing the federal minimum wage (http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_010807/content/see_i_told_you_so.member.html). That may be so, but here is my attempt to take the argument back. Here are the top three reasons why I am opposed to raising […]

Who is to Blame for Global Warming?

So as California and Florida are facing unseasonably low temperatures that have threatened our country’s citrus crop, we tackle the issue of global warming. It’s a frequent topic in the news, in politics and even our school children are inundated with alarming information (and often mis-information) on global warming. So once again, let’s look at […]

Most Americas Reject Political Manipulation of Gasoline Prices

Back in October 2006 I paid $2.01 for a gallon of gasoline and I thought to myself that I would never see the day when gas dropped below $2 a gallon. Well, today I paid $1.98 per gallon. I guess Democrats only thought they would see prices this low as we approached the 2008 elections. […]