September 2007

Radio host Sean Hannity brags about going out to eat at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse all the time, while I’ve only been there once in my life (and that was on my employer’s tab). Most of my colleagues go out to eat for lunch every day, while I have to go home and eat last night’s […]


I was listening to an FM disk jockey recently (I do occasionally switch the radio from the political news and commentary on the AM dial). This DJ was expressing his shock and outrage at the behavior of Republican Senator Larry Craig who has been in the news recently over an incident of soliciting sex in […]


During his recent testimony1 to and questioning by Congress, General Petraeus was asked a question that really bothered me. The line of thinking embedded in this question has been bothering me for some time. Howard L. Berman, a Democrat from California’s 28th District, asked the following question about the Iraq war: “Are We Creating More […]


Two recent news items spark today’s column:1) Norman Hsu, one of Hilary Clinton’s top fund raisers, has been making headlines for his illegal activities (Clinton Expresses Surprise at Big Money Donor’s Wanted Status)2) Hillary Clinton Could Use Bill Clinton’s Foreign Cash for 2008 Campaign. Though it is against the law for a candidate to take […]

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