July 2007

Eliminating the Income Gap

by Jimmy on July 29, 2007 · 0 comments in Racism

A very interesting chapter in the book I recently read, Freakonomics, deals with black and white racial differences (in income, education, and culture) in America. I found the chapter very fascinating and this is what the author of stated: The data shows that Whites in America, on average, have higher income Blacks. But, he said, [...]


I recently received an email newsletter from my distinguish Alma Mater, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Headline: “Is change ahead in healthcare? If interest in the movie “Sicko” is any indication, insurance woes are moving to the forefront of public concerns.” This headline seems to imply the Michael Moore [...]

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Many of you out there probably find the field of economics extremely boring and/or difficult to understand. My real first exposure to the study of economics was my freshman year of college when I took Econ 110. I loved it, though my grades probably did not reflect that, because it explained, well, everything. Interest rates, [...]

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When I was a boy, my brothers and I and my parents participated in the Cub Scout program. If memory serves me correctly, we would occasionally have Cub Scout gatherings and at the end we would have what they called an “Ice Cream Pig Out.” This consisted of several flavors of ice cream and a [...]

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