March 2007

During my MBA program, I had two good friends, Barbara and Christina, with whom I liked to partner for the many group projects we had to do. After I had known them for about a year, they felt comfortable telling me that they were gay. I had never suspected this, but it changed nothing in [...]


As a follow up to my previous blog posting, it occurred to me it might be worthwhile to make the case for war in Iraq, again, lest we forget why we went there in the first place (and based on the news of the day discussed in my previous post, I think many people have [...]

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Dispite her many statments and votes in support of the Iraq war just a few years ago, on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said “we never should have gone” to Iraq. This flip-flop should come as no surpirse, but it is evidence of political pandering at its worst. You see, since the start of the war in [...]

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